Co-op Deli
September 3, 2019

Our Deli features an impressive array of meats and prepared foods. Imported and local cheeses, ready to eat meals and delicious salads are just a few of the things that make up the selection in our Deli Department.

Flavourful and robust, you can enjoy tastes from around the world. We invite you to explore these unique items and enjoy. With an ever growing selection, you can be assured that you will something to satisfy any hunger.

Come in and enjoy the Deli and the Yellowknife Co-op today!

Garnished Deli Tray Prices

24 hour notice is required on all orders.

Please call 873-5770 ext. 230 to place your order for the deli.

Bakery Tray ServesPrice
11" Classic Cheese Bites Tray5 to 10$34.99
14" Classic Cheese Bites Tray15 to 20$69.99
16" Classic Cheese Bites Tray25 to 30$89.99
11" Gourmet Sliced Cheese Tray5 to 10$39.99
14" Gourmet Sliced Cheese Tray15 to 20$79.99
16" Gourmet Sliced Cheese Tray25 to 30$94.99
11" Classic Meat and Cheese Tray5 to 10$44.99
14" Classic Meat and Cheese Tray15 to 20$69.99
16" Classic Meat and Cheese Tray25 to 30$94.99
11" Gourmet Meat and Cheese Tray5 to 10$64.99
14" Gourmet Meat and Cheese Tray15 to 20$89.99
16" Gourmet Meat and Cheese Tray25 to 30$99.99
11" Meat Lover's Tray5 to 10$34.99
14" Meat Lover's Tray15 to 20$54.99
16" Meat Lover's Tray25 to 30$82.99
11" Gourmet Meat Lover's Tray5 to 10$39.99
14" Gourmet Meat Lover's Tray15 to 20$69.99
16" Gourmet Meat Lover's Tray25 to 30$97.99
Instore Roasted Meats Tray5 to 10$48.99
Italian Meats Selection Tray5 to 10$34.99

Sandwich Variety Information

Sandwich Varieties Type
Sandwich Kaiser Buns
Cheese Buns
Deli Quality Sandwiches
Tailgate Subs (Full, 1/2, 1/3 sizes
Sub and Beverage Combos
12" Ultimate Subs
Assorted Mini Subs (3 packs)

* Call today to inquire about deli-made sandwich trays for your event.

* Standard and custom/premium trays are available!

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