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August 28, 2019

Every member of the Yellowknife Co-op is also an owner. In order to become a member of the Yellowknife Co-op each person must purchase shares in the business in accordance with the bylaws of each Co-operative. You can join the Yellowknife Co-op for as little as $1 down and start sharing the rewards and benefits of Membership! Each member accumulates share capital on their purchases in store, growing their investment over the years. Once a member moves away from Yellowknife and withdrawals from the Co-op all accumulated share capital is paid back to the member less any amounts owing.

Membership Benefits

Among the benefits of being a member of Yellowknife Co-op are:

  • Rebates for member/owners on gas and diesel at our gas bar.
  • Buyers' Club discounts at Yellowknife businesses.
  • Return of surplus to member/owners.
  • In 2013, the Co-op donated over $146,000 to local community and non-profit groups
  • Our carts are always stored inside.
  • Full service deli.
  • Weekly specials flyer.
  • Huge selection of organic products.
  • Free juice and cookies for children.
  • Free coffee for member/owners.
  • Seating area.
  • Videos, toys and books in the kids' area.
  • Monthly newsletter.
  • In-store Bakery with cake decorators on staff.
  • Rug Doctor and Medela breast pump rentals.
  • Excellent selection of ethnic and specialty foods.
  • Member/owners have input by offering ideas to the Directors, the General Manager and staff through the suggestion box.
  • No long line ups at the tills.
  • Kids' Fruit Club-free fruit for kids while shopping with parents. Get a Fruit Club card at the Member Service counter.
  • Member Service counter to look after all your needs.
  • Extensive wine and beer making section.
  • The Co-op is governed by a nine member Board of Directors which is elected by the membership at an Annual General
  • Meeting held at least once a year.
  • Book exchange.

Member Commitment

Patronize the Co-op through full support of the goods and services we provide. By supporting the business in which you share ownership, you have the opportunity to benefit.

Participate in the Annual General Meeting, held each spring. Members can get involved by:

  • Electing directors to guide the organization.
  • Assisting in amending bylaws.
  • Approving the overall objectives and policies of the Co-op.
  • Running for the Board of Directors.
  • Assisting with committee work.

Hassle Free Guarantee

The Co-op puts every effort into providing you with high quality products and excellent service. If, for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, come back to your Co-op. When you leave, you'll be satisfied - we guarantee it! At the Co-op, getting satisfaction is hassle free. Guaranteed!

Become a Member

Please print the Membership Application below and bring the completed form to our Member Service counter in the store.

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