Go Solar with Solvest, Our Buyers Club Partner
September 5, 2019

Yellowknife Co-op is happy to partner with Solvest to provide benefits to our members.

Please read their introduction below!

Go Solar and Reduce Your Power Bill by Up To 95%!

Solvest Inc. is excited to announce our partnership with the Yellowknife Co-op to bring an exclusive discount to it’s members on all our solar panel and energy storage systems. This partnership is a big step forward in our mission to provide residents and business owners living north of 60, an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to high electricity prices.

Co-op Members Discount – Save $50 on every solar panel installed!

Small System – 15 Solar Panels - $750 Discount
Medium System – 22 Solar Panels - $1100 Discount
Large System – 32 Solar Panels - $1600 Discount

Benefits of Solar

  • Dramatically reduce power bills
  • Compensation for all energy exported to the grid
  • Protect your family from never-ending price hikes
  • Emissions reductions – building towards a sustainable energy future
  • Excellent green investment compared to common mutual finds, GIC’s, etc.
  • 25 Year Warranty on Solar Panels


Why Solvest?

  Locally owned North of 60 company 

  Free online system monitoring from your computer or smart phone  

  Every system is custom designed

  COR certified and fully insured

Premium materials with competitive prices

Experienced staff with over 100 on/off grid installations



How it Works

  1. Free Consultation – We perform a power and shading analysis for your home so you get a solar system that matches your family’s needs and budget.
  2. Custom Design – Every system is individually designed with a full power production and financial report letting you know exactly how much money you will save.
  3. No Paperwork – We take care of it all from Electrical Permit to Net Metering Application
  4. Installation – We install, connect your system, and then show you how everything works including the online monitoring.
  5. Utility Connection – Northland Utility then replaces your meter and you start earning credits on your power bill.


Contact us today for a free assessment

Email info@solvest.ca with your name, address and phone number
or call Drew directly at 867-444-3800


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